Frequently asked questions ( Picnique )

Can we pick the designs of our baskets?

We are unable to allow so because we have limited baskets, hopefully in the near future we will bring in more baskets, so that you can choose the design that you'd like.

Are the baskets clean?

We sanitise each & every basket before every delivery.

Do you delivery to other places apart from Marina Barrage?

Yes we do! but subject to availability, it will be an additional charge of $10, do inform us in advance!

If it rains, will I get a refund?

We have a strict no refund policy, as for wet weather plans, you may seek shelter at Marina Barrage.

I will be late, will my bookings get cancelled?

You may inform us beforehand, & we have a 10 mins grace period for both collection & return, do take note our transport will have to leave the site afterwards, there will be a penalty of $5 between the subsequent 10 mins.