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Adorned with resplendent gold border lace. Each petal blooms with vibrant elegance against the backdrop of delicate lace, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication. Whether for an enchanting evening affair or a daytime soiree, this dress promises to elevate your style with its luxurious charm. Step into a world where floral fantasies meet golden dreams and bask in the radiant allure of gilded blooms.


** Comes with two side pockets and a fully functional zip. 

Enthral Maxi dress

Excluding Tax |
  •   PTP Waist Length
    XS 38cm 33cm 135cm
    S 43cm 38cm 135cm
    M 48cm 43cm 135cm
    L 53cm 45cm 135cm
    XL 58cm 48cm 135cm

    Do give 1-3cm manufacturing allowance +/-

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