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Step into the realm of unparalleled elegance with our Elact Dior drape skirt, a masterpiece of couture craftsmanship. Crafted from luminous white satin-based fabric, this skirt exudes sophistication and refinement in every stitch, evoking a sense of timeless allure and understated luxury. With its graceful drape and impeccable tailoring, this skirt embodies the essence of haute couture, effortlessly elevating any ensemble.


Comes with inner lining, a stretchable waist band. 

Eláct Dior Drape Skirt

Excluding Tax |
  •   Midi Maxi
    Freesize Waist : 60cm - 76cm Waist : 60cm - 76cm
    Plussize Waist : 78cm - 120cm Waist : 78cm - 120cm
    Length 78cm 95cm


    Do give 1-3cm manufacturing allowance +/-

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